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About 'Frugal 'and Bob

"The reports of my retirement are greatly exaggerated" 

At various symposiums and phone conversations, I have suggested that I am retiring.  Truth is that I just received a large shipment of Thomas vacuum pumps.  The offshoot is that I will be cutting back being a vendor at regional symposiums (this is tough as it is the most enjoyable part of the job). I will be a vendor at the AAW Symposium, Raleigh, NC,  July 12-14th.  I will continue accepting and shipping orders from this web site, telephone, and also club demos.  Club demos at Badgers Woodturners, Madison, WI and Detroit Area Woodturners, Pontiac, MI.  Guess you can say I am semi-retiring from my semi retirement.  I need to step back a little and "smell the roses".  The symposiums take the greatest amount of time and travel.  I want to spend time turning! (I have accumulated a huge assortment of beautiful blanks from my fellow vendors).  

2018 was a great year, 3 regional and 1 international symposium(s).  The travel, set-up, and long hours are greatly diminished by the enjoyment of meeting and greeting fellow woodturners, both former customers and new.  The gracious outpouring of fellowship and hospitality is wonderful and exhilarating. 

After 14  years of retirement, I didn't realize my part time passion (woodturning) would turn into a second career.  Fortunately while enjoying good health, I am not a 'spring chicken' and being a small operation, sometimes keeping up with demand can be exhausting.