Frugal Bob at symposium (pre Covid years)

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May 12th backorders shipped.  Thanks for your patience.  Business back to normal.

Oops, I left 1st of January (2024) for my winter house with a full pallet of pumps and parts.  Guess what they sold - gone.  There are 200+ pumps, 2000 miles away and as soon as I arrive back in Northern Illinois (1st week May) I'll be packing/shipping.  My apologies.  Bob

My order of 2 pallets (160 pumps) last February (2023) sold out in less than 6 months.  I am very proud, no shipping damages, no operational failures (helps to have a commercial pump) and no returns.  Fall (2023) I doubled the order and to eliminate a price increase I included the brass parts and vacuum gauge from the same manufacturer.  The pumps and parts are here! Ready to ship!

Previous post last May (2022)
Old Frugal Bob is bored with being retired and has placed a large order of dry (oil free) (no smog) reciprocating piston vacuum pumps -27"Hg, 3.5CFM slated for arrival early May+/-.   The new pumps are similar to the original Thomas and Gast medical oxygen surplus pumps that I originally sold. The good news- LOWER PRICES!