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Frugal Vacuum

Thought I would share a recent comment,

"Hi Bob.  I just want to let you know how happy I am with my vacuum pump.  All the parts and pieces went together very well.  I can't believe I put up with my air compressor Venturi system for so long. This pump is a game-changer for me.  Tom H. Orangevale, California"

One  more,

"Your creation is a dream to use. I can tell you burnt some midnight oil on refining the kit. I'm very very happy with the kit's performance. Thanks again, Scott, Wittenberg, WI"

About 'Frugal 'and Bob; 

Thank you early responders, the acceptance of my new pump series has been overwhelming.  Sales are far greater than anticipated.  I use the USPS large flat rate box for all of my pump deliveries. Flat rate means one set price delivered everywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii.   UPS and FedEx rates are 2-3 times more expensive past the 1000 mile distance from northern Illinois.

Please report any icons/links out of place.  Trying to optimize for computer and phone is a challenge.

As previously stated my supplier had discontinued supplying rebuilt pumps. My supply quickly evaporated with the AAW ad in December 2019 and sales early 2020.  With the onset of Covid all dry cup vacuum pumps are being rebuilt for medical oxygen. Even surplus pumps are no longer available.

In early early spring 2020 I anticipated just supplying bearings, vacuum gauges and parts and fielding questions from turners about vacuum chucking.  With the arrival of my annual business liability insurance policy I realized I could not sell enough $20 bearing sets to pay for the insurance......

Fortunately I was contacted by a large offshore manufacturer that only manufactures vacuum pumps.  From mammoth  warehouse units to palm sized units.  Extensive CNC machining and state of the art facility.  I worked with company reps and engineers for 7 months and finally settled on the dry carbon vane style pump they provided for testing.  I placed a very large  (2 gaylord boxes) in order to secure a quantity price and reasonable shipping.  

More later......