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On October 16th I did a club demo for the Windy City Woodturners, here is a link to the video

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Frugal Vacuum

The AFFORDABLE Vacuum Pump and Chuck, half the cost of a venturi pump, 1/5 the cost of any other commercial set-up. 

Save money and time finishing your platters and bowls. No more time consuming set-up with Cole Jaws or jam chucks.

fru·gal  adjective

1. Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or use of material resources.

2. Costing little; inexpensive

Just need 

parts to complete your setup Parts/Pumps/Accessories tab


Who knew as 2020 opened what was going to happen?  The remanufactured pumps integral in my vacuum chuck packages are no longer available.  All surplus pumps are being remanufactured to go back into service for medical oxygen as part of the "Covid" crisis.


I have been testing various alternatives and may soon have a reasonably priced pump available to uphold my 'FRUGAL' name.

If you wish to be notified click here .  Please  provide a few details;  address, phone #, lathe, and/or if you would be interested in a zoom live meeting.  Your info will not be shared, sold or used indiscriminately.

For those that have a vacuum source.  ​Sealed Bearings. Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Cup Kits, Finished Vacuum Cups, available for purchase.  See Parts /Accessories tab above.