Presently we are shipping Thomas 2660 or occasionally Gast 82R pumps.  As always the product is guaranteed by me.  See note bottom Details tab.  Please email/call with questions.  Bob


The remanufactured pumps integral in various assemblies are temporarily out of stock.

Please see "About" page for more details.

​Parts /Accessories still available for shipping.

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 Plug 'n' Turn

15 minutes up and turning

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The AFFORDABLE Vacuum Pump and Chuck, half the cost of a venturi pump, 1/5 the cost of any other commercial set-up. 

Save money and time finishing your platters and bowls. No more time consuming set-up with Cole Jaws or jam chucks.

Frugal Vacuum

On October 16th I did a club demo for the Windy City Woodturners, here is a link to the video

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Just need a vacuum pump, or parts to complete your setup Parts/Pumps/Accessories tab

Recently  published.  User review of vacuum system. Click below.

Article FrugalVacuumChuck-morewoodturningmagazine.pdf

'Super Frugal' pictured below, also see  Plug'n'Turn tab

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 'Super Frugal'

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fru·gal  adjective

1. Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or use of material resources.

2. Costing little; inexpensive