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About 'Frugal 'and Bob

Revamp of site is live, still have to fine tune, adding pictures and more descriptive text.  Many product changes, many small parts. Improved navigation!    I will have a assortment of product including some new developments.

2016 was an exhausting year, 7 regional and 1 international symposium(s).  The travel, set-up, and long hours are greatly diminished by the enjoyment of meeting and greeting fellow woodturners, both former customers and new.  The gracious outpouring of fellowship and hospitality is wonderful and exhilarating.  Looking forward to 2017.  AAW International Symposium in June.

After 12 years of retirement, I didn't realize my part time passion (woodturning) would turn into a second career.  Fortunately while enjoying good health, I am not a 'spring chicken' and being a small operation, sometimes keeping up with demand can be exhausting.