Frugal Bob at symposium (pre Covid years)

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Oops (egg in my face), retirement does not suit my lifestyle, so I am now officially UN-RETIRING!
Old Frugal Bob is bored with being retired and has placed a large order of dry (oil free) (no smog) reciprocating piston vacuum pumps -27"Hg, 3.5CFM slated for arrival early May+/-.   The new pumps are similar to the original Thomas and Gast medical oxygen surplus pumps that I originally sold. The good news- LOWER PRICES!

Information below was posted 1 year ago.
Well, I might as well make it official.  I'm retiring (second time, retired from my RV business in 2007).  It's been an exciting 10 years since my love of woodturning  in 2012 led me to fabricating my first vacuum chuck set-up and showing it to my Chicago Woodturners Club.  Many requests to pick-up salvage pumps and supply accessories (sealed bearings, vacuum gauges, etc.) took me out of retirement and back into retail marketing as 'part time venture'. From salvage pumps to rebuilt pumps to brand new pumps manufactured to my specs from Taiwan. From pump/coupler part kits to 15 minutes out of the box to ready to use on lathe.
The trip has been great, I've loved the symposiums, club demos, training sessions in my basement workshop and the response(s) from my web page.
I've made many good friends through the years and enjoyed the accolades from satisfied customers.  Thank you, thank you.
Although I no longer sell pumps, I will continue to support former product, offer advice and continue selling sealed bearing sets, and finished vacuum chucks.
Now back to my lathe........................