1)    4” Dia PVC Vacuum Cup 
with foam seal, specify 1” or 1 1/4” x 8 TPI threads. 
$60 Free shipping w/pump.

(2.7” and 5” Dia. also available) 
The secret to my system is a sealed bearing imbedded in the cup with a polyethylene extension tube that carries vacuum through the headstock. Eliminates vacuum leaks at threads and at outboard adapter, also it fits 99% of every lathe made

Note: Compatible with all outboard adapters, do not insert the headstock

extension tube.  Retain tube for use if traveling to o a club demo, etc. 

2) Vacuum pump 3/8” ID hose connected to 3/8” OD polyethylene

tube exiting from head-stock.  No clamps needed-snug fit.

3) Vacuum cup with 150# (approx.) holding on square edge bowl.  
Plus bowl can be reversed for sanding and/or refinishing.
Try that with your Cole-Jaws or jam chucks. 


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Select Lathe Thread 4"OD Chuck
Ships free w/Pump Order


Pump only or w/Brass Accessory Pkg.

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Contact me if you want optional size cup.

 Pumps and parts are in stock ready to deliver.

The New Frugal

Oil-FreeVacuum Pump

Repeating (no smog),  Dry Cup Composite Piston and Sealed Bearings
Quiet (55 Db),  Medical Laboratory  Grade
-27"Hg (90% atmospheric pressure), 3.5CFM, 110V AC, 3.9 Amp
Includes Rubber Motor Mounts and Muffler
15 Month Manufacturer Warranty + Extended Bob (Frugal Guarantee)
​Pump only   
$220+ $25 Pack/Ship Formerly $265 + ship

Note: w/Brass Parts/Vacuum Gauge/Filter/Hose, shown in illustration $270 + $25 ship

Brass Parts details

Brass Manifold and Connectors

1/4" Brass Valve w/SS Ball

4'  of  3/8" ID Vacuum Hose
30"Hg to 0  Vacuum Gauge
Particulate Filter,  (very important for long pump life,

can be reverse blown out or replaced)​

Note: 90% assembled
​$50 free shipping If ordered with pump
(I guarantee you won't beat this price)