Ultimate 3inONE

What's included:

  • 1-1/4 x 8 Machined Aluminum Chuck
  • Holding Plate w/Motor Grade Sealed Bearing, Polyethylene Extension Tube, Machine Screws
  • 3 PVC Couplings, 2.7", 4", 5" OD
  • 3 Custom Fit AngelWings
  • 3 Foamies (do not use with AngelWings)
  • Instructions

Ultimate 3inONE~~~~~~​$130

+$18 Packing/Shipping

Plug'n'Turn Ultimate

Consisting of the DV-5N Vacuum Pump, Rubber Feet, Muffler, 6' 3 Wire Plug, Assembled Brass Manifold, 0 to -30"Hg Vacuum Gauge, In-line visible Filter, 5' Vacuum Tubing

And, the Ultimate 3inONE as describe above

Plug'n'Turn Ultimate~~~~$460 

+$25 Packing/Shipping

The 'Ultimate 3inONE' vacuum holding system utilizes a machined aluminum chuck with 1-1/4" x 8 thread and mates with one of three different size PVC vacuum cups (2.7”, 4”, 5” included). A blue & white self sealing compression plate, plus two machine screws hold each cup securely and ensure that they spin true. The compression plate with it’s integrated sealed motor bearing creates a vacuum chamber inside the PVC vacuum cup. The 'Ultimate 3inONE' vacuum holding system uses a flexible polyethylene tube that runs through any lathe headstock connecting your vacuum source or 'Plug'n'Turn Ultimate' to the vacuum chamber in the cup. The sliding AngelWing-seal is a forgiving closed cell foam gasket which slides along the body of the vacuum cup and conforms to the inside or outside of a large variety of your bowl and vessel shapes. The AngelWing-seal is  unique in it ability to recover from off axial movement without breaking vacuum.

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A large order of machined aluminum chucks has been delayed.  Orders received for the 'Ultimate 3inONE' and 'Plug'n'Turn Ultimate' will be shipped when product arrives.  Thank you for your understanding.  Updates will appear here.


Laguna lathe owners notify me 3" longer tube needed, no extra charge

Included packing/shipping above is to US addresses Canadian Addresses, please contact me

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