Laguna lathe owners notify me 3" longer tube needed, no extra charge

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Bob Leonard

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Ultimate 3inONE

What's included:

  • 1-1/4 x 8 Machined Aluminum Chuck
  • Holding Plate w/Motor Grade Sealed Bearing, Polyethylene Extension Tube, Machine Screws
  • 3 PVC Couplings, 2.7", 4", 5" OD
  • 3 Custom Fit AngelWings
  • 3 Foamies (do not use with AngelWings)
  • Instructions

Ultimate 3inONE~~~~~~​$130

+$18 Packing/Shipping

Plug'n'Turn Ultimate

Consisting of the DV-5N Vacuum Pump, Rubber Feet, Muffler, 6' 3 Wire Plug, Assembled Brass Manifold, 0 to -30"Hg Vacuum Gauge, In-line visible Filter, 5' Vacuum Tubing

And, the Ultimate 3inONE as describe above

Plug'n'Turn Ultimate~~~~$460 

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The 'Ultimate 3inONE' vacuum holding system utilizes a machined aluminum chuck with 1-1/4" x 8 thread and mates with one of three different size PVC vacuum cups (2.7”, 4”, 5” included). A blue & white self sealing compression plate, plus two machine screws hold each cup securely and ensure that they spin true. The compression plate with it’s integrated sealed motor bearing creates a vacuum chamber inside the PVC vacuum cup. The 'Ultimate 3inONE' vacuum holding system uses a flexible polyethylene tube that runs through any lathe headstock connecting your vacuum source or 'Plug'n'Turn Ultimate' to the vacuum chamber in the cup. The sliding AngelWing-seal is a forgiving closed cell foam gasket which slides along the body of the vacuum cup and conforms to the inside or outside of a large variety of your bowl and vessel shapes. The AngelWing-seal is  unique in it ability to recover from off axial movement without breaking vacuum.

Frugal Vacuum