'Super Frugal' 120V shipping to Canada

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'Super Frugal' 120V with

Finished Vacuum Chuck  $240.00
Choice 1"x8' 1 1/4x8 or M33x3.5 Thread
Assembly time cut in half

Confused? email me, FrugalVacuumChuck@gmail.com

  • Thomas Remanufactured  ISO Pump 
  • 2 1/2"  full sweep Vacuum Gauge, Brass SS Ball Valve, Filter, Black High Density Polyethylene fittings, mount on your board
  • Machine (turn) vacuum cup to mount on 4 jaw scroll chuck with Maple block, PVC cup, Polyethylene extension rod fitted to Machine Grade Bearing
  • 5' Vacuum Hose, Closed cell foamie seals, etc.
  • Easy assembly 1-1/2 hour +/- with complete detailed instructions​
  • One Year Pump Warrantee

'Super Frugal' 120V with

Vacuum Chuck Kit  (as listed above) $205

Special   'don't pass up this offer'

2 polyethylene rods, fitted to motor grade sealed bearings,  & detailed instructions. This will enable you to make additional sized cups.  Limited time; 2" & 3" PVC cup included. No additional shipping if ordered with above kits.   $20.00

'Super Frugal' Kit 

as advertised AAW Woodturning

​120V 60 cycle US/Canada---$205 -- available and ready to ship

Above picture shows many of the parts included.  Steel rod shown is replaced by polyethylene rod fitted to bearing.

Easy to assemble kit, contains all the parts/pieces from pump to vacuum cup, now with greatly reduced assembly time, featuring polyethylene through rod fitted to bearing.

Versitile, one cup can be used on all lathes from mini to midi to full size (using similar style 4 jaw chuck).

Finished Cup

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