Frugal Vacuum

*  Ratings @ sea level "Basic rule of thumb", Atmospheric pressure drops 1" for every 1000' altitude. I.E. same pump that pulls 28" @ sea level will pull 23" in Denver @ 5200'.  Holding power is also reduced by line loss through tubing, seals and porous medium (your  bowl or platter).

Note: Pumps are from former operating systems and may exhibit scuffing, minor dents, dirt, dust, and discoloration of aluminum surfaces.  this does not impede functionality or operations of the pump.

About the Vacuum Pump:

I am presently using a  Thomas 2660 industrial pressure/vacuum pump, remanufactured in a ISO 9001:2008 facility.  These American made pumps are typically from home oxygen concentrators and are designed to run 24/7/365 for 5+ years before needing maintenance.  Formerly I purchased these pumps as salvage and rebuilt in house as needed.  Now I found a source to purchase remanufactured pumps at an affordable price  Every moving wear part is replaced; armature and eccentric bearings, piston sleeves, piston cups and valves.  I install a capacitor, a 8' power cord with an inline HD double pole switch and rubber motor mounts.  I bought a large quantity of pumps and are able to offer them at a similar price as my in-house rebuilt pumps.

The pumps are a dry synthetic piston and will pull 27-28" vacuum *  (90% local atmospheric pressure).  They exceed vacuum venturii and diaphragm pumps by 2-6"

Also, these pumps are quiet, with my muffler you can carry on a conversation, or do a demonstration while pump is in use.

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