• Polyethylene fittings, 2 1/2" vacuum gauge, Brass SS ball valve, filter, mount on your board
  • Machine (turn) vacuum cup to mount on 4 jaw scroll chuck with parts supplied
  • Hose, seals, etc.
  • Easy assembly 1-1/2 hour +/- with complete instructions
  • Thomas Remanufactured  ISO Pump
  • One Year Pump Warrantee

Frugal Vacuum Chuck.com

Plug 'n' Turn

15 minutes after unpacking

you can be turning

*  Ratings @ sea level "Basic rule of thumb", Atmospheric pressure drops 1" for every 1000' altitude. I.E. same pump that pulls 28" @ sea level will pull 23" in Denver @ 5200'.  Holding power is reduced by line loss through tubing, seals and porous medium.

Note: Pumps are from former operating systems and may exhibit scuffing, minor dents, dirt, dust, and discoloration of aluminum surfaces.  this does not impede functionality or operations of the pump.

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  • Assembled brass manifold on pump with 2 1/2" vacuum gauge, Brass SS ball valve, filter and switch
  • Finished 4" PVC Cup with choice of 1" x 8 TPI, 1 1/4" x 8 TPI, or M33 x 3.5 TPI Threads
  • Hose, Seals, etc.
  • Thomas Remanufactured  ISO Pump
  • One Year Pump Warrantee


About the Vacuum Pump:

I am presently using a  Thomas 2660 industrial pressure/vacuum pump, remanufactured in a ISO 9001:2008 facility.  These American made pumps are typically from home oxygen concentrators and are designed to run 24/7/365 for 5+ years before needing maintenance.  Formerly I purchased these pumps as salvage and rebuilt in house as needed.  The salvage pumps are no longer available in quantities  that I need to fulfill orders. 

The  remanufactured pumps are a spectacular value.  Every moving wear part is replaced; armature and eccentric bearings, piston sleeves, piston cups and valves.  I install a capacitor, a 6' power cord with an inline switch and rubber motor mounts.  I bought a massive quantity of pumps and are able to offer them at a similar price as my in-house rebuilt pumps.

The pumps are a dry synthetic piston and will pull 27-28" vacuum *  (90% local atmospheric pressure).  They exceed vacuum venturii and diaphragm pumps by 2-6"