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2 motor grade sealed bearings, encapsulated with extension tubes,  & detailed illustrated instructions. This will enable you to make additional sized cups.  2" & 3" PVC cup included. Total $28.00 w/shipping ($8 shipping refunded  if pump below ordered)

Just need the bearings, don't need the PVC cups?

3 bearings, encapsulated with extension tubes, illustrated instructions.  Total $25.00 w/shipping ($5 shipping refunded if pump below ordered).

Here is the stalwart of my vacuum system.  A factory re-manufactured Thomas 2660 or Gast 82R  industrial vacuum pump​​.  Ready to connect to your lathe, vacuum cup setup.

​FREE SHIPPING through 12/31/19


Need more pieces to complete your hookup?              Quality parts.

2" 30"Hg to 0" vacuum gauge; Brass SS ball valve; 5 Black HDPE tees & male/female connectors; in-line filter; 5' vacuum tubing; clamps, screws pictured.  Mounting board not included.  Seem like a lot of money? Try to buy all the parts above for less.      $45.00

Parts/Pieces pump to lathe. Free shipping if ordered with pump. $12 shipping w/o pump, invoice will be sent.
Thomas 2660 or Gast 82R All parts as shown and Filter.

Details all Pumps offered below:  All moving wear parts replaced, warrantee by me.  Quiet, Lite 17# (manifold makes convenient carry handle between cylinders), 27"Hg  (see details page), new capacitor, cord with double pole HD switch, muffler, rubber feet, fan guard

Thought I would share a recent comment,

"Hi Bob.  I just want to let you know how happy I am with my vacuum pump.  All the parts and pieces went together very well.  I can't believe I put up with my air compressor Venturi system for so long. This pump is a game-changer for me.  Tom H. Orangevale, California"

One  more,

"Your creation is a dream to use. I can tell you burnt some midnight oil on refining the kit. I'm very very happy with the kit's performance. Thanks again, Scott, Wittenberg, WI"

Composite block 3 x 3 x 1 1/2" Tapped 1" x 8 TPI or 1 1/4" x 8 TPI with instructions to mate to wood block. This is the material used in my finished cups.  1/3 cost of face plates.   $11.00 each.

Note: Free shipping if ordered with any pump or bearing/cup offer above, I will send shipping invoice if ordered separately.

Plug'n'Turn w/o finished cup All parts as shown.

NOTICE:  Is your vacuum pump noisy, tired?  Spewing oil vapor? Does your air compressor runs constantly to supply vacuum venturi?  Solutions below.​  Many options are listed email or call if questions or confused.  Click here.

Tapped Sizes

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The BEST of the BEST, Plug'n'Turn w/o finished cup featuring brass manifold assembled on the pump.  10 minutes out of box ready connect to your lathe outboard adapter.  All parts pictured included. 

FREE SHIPPING through 12/31/19.


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Note: Laguna lathe needs longer tube please email me.