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Finished Cup

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  • Black High Density Polyethylene fittings, 2 1/2" vacuum gauge, Brass SS ball valve, filter, mount on your board
  • Machine (turn) vacuum cup to mount on 4 jaw scroll chuck with Maple block, PVC cup, Hollow rod, machine grade bearing, supplied
  • Hose, Closed cell foamie seals, etc.
  • Easy assembly 2 1/2 hour +/- with complete instructions
  • Thomas Remanufactured  ISO Pump 120V 60 Cycle
  • One Year Pump Warrantee
  • Complete parts list below

Frugal II  with

Vacuum Chuck Kit  (as listed above) $200.00

$20 Flat Rate Shipping to U.S.

Frugal II with Finished Vacuum Chuck  $235.00
Choice 1"x8' 1 1/4x8 or M33x3.5 Thread
Assembly time cut in half
$20 Flat Rate Shipping to U.S.

Frugal  II