Above offer is for separate order of parts/pieces to fabricate vacuum cups (typically using your 4 jaw chuck to attach to lathe). 

If you are ordering a Plug'n'Turn or SuperFrugal kit use link on that page.

Notify me if you have a Laguna lathe, I will provide longer Polyethylene rods.

Composite block 3 x 3 x 1 1/2" Tapped 1" x 8 TPI or 1 1/4" x 8 TPI with instructions to mate to wood block. This is the material used in my finished cups.  1/3 cost of face plates.   $11.00 each.

Note: Free shipping if ordered with any pump or bearing/cup offer above, I will send shipping invoice if ordered separately.

Special   'don't pass up this offer'

2 polyethylene tubes, fitted to motor grade sealed bearings,  & detailed illustrated instructions. This will enable you to make additional sized cups.  2" & 3" PVC cup included.   $20 + $8 Packing/shipping  Total $28.00


Do you have all the parts?  Vacuum Cup, Outboard adapter, Vacuum Gauge, Brass Ball Valve, etc.  But need a Pump?  I will offer my industrial remanufactured Thomas 2660  Vacuum Pump with warranty.


Do you have a good pump and need all the parts.

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