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Accessory Package optimized for vacuum setup; 30"-0"Hg.  full sweep 2/1/2" vacuum gauge, 1/4" NPT brass 3/8” SS ball valve, package ABS fittings, filter, 5' vacuum hose, rubber motor mounts, layout instructions:   $30, includes free shipping if paid with pump order.

Thomas 220/240 Volt Pump

$79 + 16 Shipping = $95.00

Accessory Package

Return to this page to add accessory package or other accessories if desired.

Currently not available, please send email 

Complete your package and fabricate a finished vacuum cup(s) as described and detailed on Frugal II tab.  Return to Accessory tab and order 'Two Bearings, Rods and Instructions".  Add extra shipping as this package ships separately.

The Thomas 2660 220/240 Volt 50 Cycle is a completely remanufactured commercial pressure/vacuum pump.  New bearings, cylinders, piston cups and valves. New capacitor. All set for 24/7/365/5 years continuous service.  27” Hg. vacuum or 42 PSI 4.6 CFM open. Same specs as 120 volt pump on website.  Please note; 220V plug and switch not included at this price.
As advertised $79 +$16 shipping.

The 120 volt comparable pump is $160. 

I am selling the 220V pump below my cost, they were originally purchased for European sale.  Unfortunately with the cost of shipping, VAT, advertising, and limited by weight restrictions, my pump was no longer ‘frugal’.