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'Slightly Used' ​as described above

$79 +$16 shipping

'Slightly Used' ​pump w/chuck kit

Go the whole distance! Add all the parts as described

on the 'SuperFrugal' tab to make your complete vacuum chucking set-up.  Directions included

$139 +$20 shipping

Frugal Vacuum


2 polyethylene rods, fitted to motor grade sealed bearings,  & detailed instructions. This will enable you to make additional sized cups.  Limited time offer; 2" & 3" PVC cup included and no additional shipping if ordered with above kits.   $20.00

Recent shipment of salvage pumps:   I have tested all the used pumps that I recently acquired. 

Primer; the pumps that I use are dry cup piston style, The piston cup is a synthetic material and wears through many years of use.  A brand new or remanufactured pump will pull 27”  i.e: 90% of atmospheric pressure, @ sea level.  A pump that has seen service for 24 hours a day for five+ years will pull 12-14” vacuum,  any pump that tests less than 22" vacuum gets rebuilt. 

So why do I find like new units in salvage?  The only solution I can equate is a distributor gets a new batch of pumps and clears the shelves.  FYI; the bottom end of these pumps are basically industrial bullet proof.  Oversize sealed bearings, isolated windings, thermal protection, etc., I never have problem with the guts of the pump.  
I have a few pumps that pull 25-26” vacuum (compare to a 70,000 mile tire that has less than 5,000 miles, good for many, many years of use).  I will sell them for $79 + $16 shipping.  They also include a line cord with switch, capacitor, rubber mounts, muffler canister and 1/4" mesh to be formed as a fan guard.  The pump will carry my satisfaction warrantee.

Note: Pumps are from former operating systems and may exhibit scuffing, minor dents, dirt, dust, and discoloration of aluminum surfaces.  this does not impede functionality or operations of the pump.